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180 viewsFreshman Peyton Robinson helps prepare and package meals
188 views(from left to right) Freshman Haley Hixenbaugh, Junior Madison Hill and Junior Abby Nemec work on the assembly line preparing and packaging meals.
189 viewsThe Boone County volleyball team works with students from other schools in an assembly line designed to prepare and pack meals.
The Grace Kelly Girls “Big Sisters” are participating in the Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy this year. On Wednesday, September 30th, the girls met and completed the classroom kick-off experience! 232 views
251 viewsFront Row (L to R): Kali Anderson, Kamryn Huff, Caroline Newman, Isabell Miller
Middle Row (L to R): Abby Nemec, Lydia Flamme, Monica Gutierrez, Christabel Kusi Appiah, Lauren Jones
Back Row (L to R): CheyAnne Flowers, Alexis Burgess, Abby Stone, Olivia Staten, Adrianna Waters
256 viewsLeft side: Lydia Flamme (bottom), Isabella Miller and Christabel Kusi Appiah (middle L to R), Alexis Burgess and CheyAnne Flowers (top L to R)
Above art wall: Kali Anderson, Abby Nemec, Abby Stone, Caroline Newman (L to R)
Right side: Kamyrn Huff and Monica Gutierrez (bottom L to R), Lauren Jones and Adrianna Waters (top L to R)
239 viewsThe Boone County volleyball team prepared and packed meals to be delivered to families in this region as a part of its participation in the
Chick-fil-A Leader Academy
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